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Live Bacteria, Ladies: The Top 6 Health Benefits of Probiotics for Women

probiotics for women

Do you eat kale? Load up on acai and goji berries? Do you meticulously study every food label for superfood nutrition? Did you know you could eat your body weight in superfoods and still not get the nutrition you need? If you are unable to digest and use the nutrition in food, it doesn’t matter how … Read more

How to Support Yeast and Candida Balance with Natural Remedies for Candida

natural remedies for candida

When you think of yeast, bacteria, and other microorganisms, you might jump to a negative conclusion. However, did you know that there are over 10,000 healthy and helpful microorganisms living inside your body right now? Not only that, but without these organisms, you wouldn’t be able to function normally!  One of those microorganisms is a … Read more

9 Symptoms of Menopause (And 9 Natural Menopause Remedies That Bring Relief)

natural menopause remedies

Every woman has wished for it at one time or another. You’re in the throes of brutal cramping or trying to ward off leakage during your period and you say, “I can’t wait for menopause!” Then menopause hits and it’s like your period symptoms have just changed and now they’re constant too. While we can’t … Read more

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