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How to Support Yeast and Candida Balance with Natural Remedies for Candida

When you think of yeast, bacteria, and other microorganisms, you might jump to a negative conclusion.

However, did you know that there are over 10,000 healthy and helpful microorganisms living inside your body right now? Not only that, but without these organisms, you wouldn’t be able to function normally! 

One of those microorganisms is a type of yeast called Candida. While candida yeast exists in our bodies naturally, sometimes overgrowth or certain types of candida can cause infection, sickness, and issues.

So how do you keep your candida healthily balanced without resorting to harsh medications? Keep reading to learn all about candida, what it does for you, and some natural remedies for candida infections.

What Is Candida?

As we said earlier, candida refers to a genus of yeast. It actually refers to over 20 different species of yeast that fall under the “candida” umbrella.

How Does Candida Help Us?

Your first reaction might not be thrilled about the prospect of yeast living in your body, but hear us out. Candida is an essential part of bodily functions, specifically in the digestive tract and our mucous membranes.

When at balanced levels, Candida found within our intestines and provides energy to the healthy bacteria in our gut, skin, and mucous membranes that help aid in digestion, immune health, and more. 

How Can Candida Overgrowth Happen?

The bacteria and candida in our bodies live in a healthy balance, which avoids the possibility of a candida overgrowth or candida yeast infection.

However, certain circumstances can throw this balance off. If your bacteria levels fall, for example, candida levels will spike, which can lead to overgrowth and health issues. 

Other things that can lead to candida overgrowth include:

  • Taking antibiotics
  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • Lowered immune system
  • Diet rich in carbs/sugar
  • Frequent alcohol consumption
  • Birth control pills

Let’s be clear, though: doing these things won’t always (or ever, in some cases!) lead to candida overgrowth and infection. However, many people who experience candida yeast infections or candida overgrowth symptoms can link their issues to one of those lifestyle practices.

Candida Overgrowth and/or Infection Symptoms

So what are the symptoms you can experience when your candida levels are too high? Each individual will experience something different, but the following symptoms/illnesses are the most common:

  • Fatigue
  • Oral thrush
  • Frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Genital yeast infections
  • Digestive issues
  • Skin/nail/scalp yeast/fungal infections
  • Sinus infections
  • Joint discomfort/issues

If you get to the root of all of these issues, it makes sense why candida overgrowth and balance issues would lead to these things. Almost all of those symptoms and illnesses are linked to mucous membranes, which is where candida resides.

The digestive issues link to the candida presence in the gut. This combined with the almost definite link to bacterial and immune issues as well explain the presence of other types of infection like thrush and sinus issues.

Natural Remedies for Candida Overgrowth and/or Infection

Most doctors nowadays overprescribe antibiotics to treat these issues. But antibiotics are often the root cause of many candida infections in the first place!

The good news is there are natural remedies you can try in order to get your candida back to normal, healthy levels.

Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotics

As we’ve said a few times already, antibiotics can severely impact your gut bacteria, which can lead to candida overgrowth. Just because a doctor gives you a prescription for antibiotics for your cold doesn’t mean you have to take them.

Speak with your doctor about other options before you resort to antibiotics. Remember, antibiotics do nothing to fight against viruses or yeast. They aren’t always necessary when you’re feeling under the weather!

Pause Birth Control Pills

There is evidence that connects contraceptives to candida infections. If you’re taking birth control pills, consider using a different form of contraceptive and get off the pills to see if it helps you.

The Candida Diet

Eliminate foods that encourage candida overgrowth and issues, like foods that are high in sugar, carbs, and dairy products. You should also limit your alcohol intake, as that can also lead to candida issues.

Besides cutting out foods that encourage candida overgrowth, there are foods you can add to your diet (often referred to as the candida diet) that can help heal your digestive system and control candida levels.

Some of these foods include:

  • Kombucha 
  • Garlic
  • Aloe vera
  • Probiotics (yoghurt, fermented foods, etc)
  • Curcumin
  • Non-starch vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, onion, etc)
  • Fruit low in sugar (berries, lime, etc)
  • Healthy fat (avocado, olive, coconut oil, etc)

Read more about the candida diet here.

Ultimate Candida Cleanse

Before starting your new candida diet, we recommend doing what’s called a “candida cleanse”. This type of cleanse gets rid of old and harmful foods and compounds still inside your digestive tract from before you began this diet. 

It also puts you on a simple diet of broths and clean vegetables that can help your body get your digestion back in balance before starting the candida diet. You can also add supplements like this one to your cleanse to boost your “good” bacteria that can reduce the amount of “bad” candida in your body.

Final Thoughts

Candida overgrowth can lead to pain, fatigue, and frequent infections that will severely impact your quality of life. Maintaining the proper balance of candida and bacteria in your body will put you back on track for leading a healthy lifestyle.

These natural remedies for candida can help you overcome candida problems. One of the best “treatments”, however, is not getting out of balance in the first place.

Do this by supplementing your diet with healthy immune boosting supplements! Browse some of the best options on our website.

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