Reward Points Loyalty Scheme

Join our reward points loyalty scheme, and reap the benefits of saving money on future purchases!

Receive 500 Reward Points Today!

To join our reward points loyalty scheme, simply open up a new Kula Nutrition account today,
and receive a generous 500 reward points to use on your first purchase!*
*Kula Nutrition Terms & Conditions apply, strictly only 1 account is permitted per customer.
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How Does It Work?

For every £1 you spend with Kula Nutrition, you earn 1 Kula Nutrition Reward Point.
Each reward point is worth a penny, so if you spend £100 on your order, you would earn 100 points which converts to £1 off a future purchase.
These reward points really do add up, we know because we see how much customers save when they spend them!

How do I redeem my reward points?

You can simply redeem your reward points by:
1. Log into your account.
2. Add your items to your basket.
3. Go to the shopping cart page.
4. Select the use reward points option.
5. Apply the number of points you would like to redeem, and finish the checkout process.

How Do I Check My Reward Points?

Our reward scheme is completely automated, which means your reward points are added automatically to your account as you shop. To check how many reward points you have earnt, simply log into Your Account.

Earn Extra Points!

Want to earn extra points?
Simply leave us a product review, and receive a massive 200 points!**
**Please Note: Product reviews must be for products recently purchased, and one review per product applies.

Earn Double Points!

Watch out for special Kula Nutrition reward points promotions from time to time for the chance to earn extra points and enjoy even greater savings!

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